Beautiful losetheboyfriend:

Pablo Picasso; captured by Edward Quinn

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Rabat, Morocco

Working dogs appreciate beauty too.

"take heart, for it is I." distriction:




IM LAUGJING SO HARD the picture looks so sleek and professional with the lighting but ITS A SPOOKY DOGE

This is so important.

i love this so much

This is cute tho 
I’m convinced that time spent idle makes for a healthier state of mind. We want less and are more at peace when we get it. We sleep better and work harder. Simpler things bring us joy. When we daily observe our immediate surroundings, we are more grounded in our context, more attuned to the rhythms of whatever season or place we are in.
Plus, the changing shapes of clouds need our attention.

the freaking dreeeeeam. poppyclub:


my godfather took this picture some years (1998) before he died of cancer, he loved photography so much even when he was in hospital he used to carry hes camera. 
ive got tones of pictures but this one its kinda special, the woman reading in Rio de janeiro, shes a stranger, he stood there for a couple of minutes waiting to get the perfect angle and took the picture, when he developed it he gave me his camera (even tough i was a toddler), if he was alive, he would be one more blogger in here, he was so special, the kind of person that could see your soul before your face.

what this is perfect